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Your Impossible is Possible

Everything is both Impossible and Possible!

The possibility of something being impossible or possible relies on your outlook. There are some things that may be possible for me but also impossible for someone else. This is not because I have a special talent. This is due to my mentality and outlook.

There are two ways to look at possibility. There is the simple-minded mindset and the infinite-minded mindset.

The simple-minded mindset actually isn’t all that simple. It is just logical. Usually, when someone is in this mindset they look at statistics or known facts to determine if something is possible. They are often correct in most scenarios because they have the facts to prove it. The only thing they are missing is the variable that can change the whole equation; passion. It’s not that hard to predict with things that have already been seen but what about the variable of the unseen?

The infinite minded mindset accounts for this variable. A person with this mindset understands that things might seem obviously impossible but can easily become possible with the passion variable. Due to this variable, everything is possible…it just hasn’t been done yet.

Your Dreams should seem Impossible!

If your dreams don’t seem impossible or scare you then you are limiting your potential.

If you have been reading all of these blogs then you would know that you have infinite potential. So if that is true then your dreams/goals must be infinite!

That dream/goal that you have written down that seems logical…I want you to tear it apart. I want you to take it 1000x times harder and higher to the point that you would be crazy to think you could achieve it. This new goal will allow for the most growth in your life.

If you are passionate about the process to that goal then you will probably go way higher than that goal (infinity).

Have Faith in what makes you Special!

To be special you must first believe you are special! Most people believe that they aren’t special but that very belief is what’s causing their normality. The simple but powerful decision to believe in yourself is what makes someone special.

You must also believe in your goals. We just talked about how your dreams/goals must seem impossible. While everyone else might think your goals are impossible, you must be the crazy one and believe for it to be possible. If you don’t believe in your goals then there is no point in you even trying.

Remember through passion anything is possible! So continue to live through passion and your passion will prove everyone else wrong.

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