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Your Biggest Advantage (YOU)

Why YOU are your Biggest Advantage

Throughout our whole lives, we are striving to figure out who we are. It is a question we may never know the absolute answer to. The reason that finding this answer is so hard is because it is our biggest advantage. Your authentic self and uniqueness is your biggest advantage against anything. Everything in this world can be replicated and stolen except for your uniqueness! If you can understand this fact, then you should try your best to be the best you!

There are seven billion people on earth with 420 billion different DNA combinations. Within those DNA combinations, there are different personalities, perspectives, and preferences. But yet…we all once said we wanted to be like someone else. I mean come on, the whole world said “I want to be like Mike” at one point. What we failed to realize when we made this claim is that we were limiting our potential by trying to be someone else. If we truly want to be the best we can be then we must focus on finding the path best for ourselves. A path might have worked for someone else but if you can create and choose the path made for you then it will be pure towards your life.

The moment I freed myself from the external world’s opinions and expectations, my happiness and potential multiplied. When you live through your authentic self and wishes, you allow your path to be created. That path is to your passion!

Before you take the step of dedicating yourself to your authentic self, you lock your passion and potential. It’s not even available because you are not even giving it a chance to come into your life.

If you decide to take that first step then you are on your way to your greatness. Remember the first step is the hardest but most important step! Every time you get to a new obstacle, you will know you have already gotten through the hardest one.


Beauty really is a simple thing. You don’t have to put on fancy clothes or have your hair done perfectly. Beauty happens when there is no effort in trying to be beautiful. I often see friends or random people and I can just tell when they are being their authentic selves. It is so beautiful and I wish this was normalized in society.

It is the same with your potential. When you are doing what is most simple to you then you are achieving infinite potential. This is because your action is natural and has the least friction. When you are indulging in your passion throughout your life then you will see results greater than you could have ever dreamed of.

More than anything, by living in passion you will achieve happiness daily. It is that simple. So why would you decide to do something every day if it is not your passion? The equation is simple 0(passion)=infinity. This is the equation that I use to explain the simplest things are the most important things.

Your passion is at the root of you and very simple to you. It may seem complicated and complex to others but it is apart of you. Don’t abandon the root of you, embrace it!

It creates the beauty and infinite potential but more than anything your happiness!

How to be Authentic

Ok I know I have been talking about the importance of being authentic but haven’t given you any advice on how. I can’t really do that for you…that is your own personal journey. I can guide you to some things you can do to help you get there.

The number one thing you have to do is REFLECT! I will say it again REFLECT!

If you go throughout a day and don’t like the actions you are performing but you never realized that feeling. How are you ever going to know not to do that the next day? This may seem very simple but most people don’t do this and honestly I didn’t for most of my life. If you can daily assess yourself then you will be able to grow everyday.

You will also be able to know when you found something you love. I remember reflecting and figuring out a new passion. I was running around the house acting as if I won the Super Bowl. If I didn’t reflect and learn this about myself then I never would have gotten to have my little super bowl celebration. But most importantly, I wouldn’t have known how happy I was and to keep going when things got hard.

Keep striving to find yourself! It is a long journey that will never end so embrace it. Each piece of yourself that you find is amazing. Celebrate each one and you will continue to see more happiness in your life.

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