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Why They are Scared of You

They are Scared of your Potential!

There are two reason someone is afraid of your potential.

The first reason is simple. They are regular people! When you explain to somebody that you want to do something different from everything, they will usually get uncomfortable. They tend to look at the chances/probability of your situation and advise you to stay on the general path. This can usually come from places of love such as a parent, friend, or mentor. There is nothing wrong with them feeling this way, but you have to know only you know what’s best for you.

Remember in the past episode we talked about how you have something unique to everyone else. Only you have and know what that is! So if that the case, then they can’t make a judgment on your life without that info.

The second reason is because they are afraid you will take away their power. Your biggest “haters” or “bullies” are only acting on their fear that you will become what you said you will become. They will say you are nothing or that you have no potential because they are the ones that know your high potential the most(other than you).

So the next time you are receiving hate from someone just rememberer… it’s really a compliment.

Society’s Structure isn’t for You

The top 1% wealthiest people make up the same amount of money as 99% of the world. What does this mean when it comes to structure you ask?

If that stat is true…and that 1% of people have power and control, then they made the structure we grew up in. The reality of the world and general structure is that it’s not made for anyone.

It is actually made for you to stay in the 99%. The people of the 1% for the most part want to stay there. The way they do that isn’t by growing but by continuously keeping the 99% in the 99%. So understand when you go through general structures they are made for you to stay in your place. The only way to actually become the best you can be is to go against the grain. Following all the directions of people who don’t even know you will only lead you to a life they want for you.

There is a way we can change the 1% though…

Influence is Everything

While there is a structure made by the people of power…there is also power that the average can obtain.

Influence is the one power anyone can posses. It can change the world in a matter of seconds and it doesn’t matter who you are!

Someone with a lot of influence can get to a lot of people in seconds. A person without a lot of influence can also change the world through a chain reaction influence. The chain reaction in the end is the most powerful and if the average can realize that then they will obtain all the power.

My message here is that you can change the world right now! If you can influence people in a positive way everyday then you are rivaling those in power that are afraid of the average’s potential.

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