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Think Independently

Squeenze your Sponge

As babies we we absorbed so much information, almost like a sponge. The problem with our sponge minds at the time was that we didn’t have a filter.

A lot of us developed foundational opinions and preferences from this time. If we want to truly have independent thoughts throughout our lives then we must first go back to when we were dependent.

I call this squeezing your sponge. If you can question everything you ever learned and then choose what it really means then you can achieve independence.

Now I am not saying that everything you ever learned in the past is wrong. All I am saying is for you to truly believe in what you were taught is to question it first. When you can question and dissect to the root of something then you can find the true meaning it has for you.

Is your life a Pyramid Scheme?

Now that you have squeezed your sponge…you can’t just let anything in it now right?

If you don’t have a filter on your sponge now then your life is probably a Pyramid Scheme. Let me explain.

When a representative of a Pyramid Scheme comes to you, they usually give you all of these positives about their experiences. They will maybe say “this will change your life” or “this is the best thing for you” without knowing anything about you or what you want in life.

This shows that they are communicating that they are trying to help you but in reality, they are trying to help themselves. How do I know this? Well in a Pyramid Scheme the route to compensation is recruiting.

You might say “Jamar im not that dumb to let somebody take advantage of me”. Ok fair but you can be played similarly throughout life if you don’t do one simple thing.


I encourage every one of you to simply “Ask Why” whenever something is trying to get in your sponge. This is going to be your filter!

If you can simply ask why and do your own independent research then you can make a decision based on your sole benefit. Too often we take people’s word for it without taking our own circumstances and opinions to factor in.

If you don’t do this then essentially your life is a pyramid scheme because you are allowing things into your sponge for others benefit.

Innovation is Key

Innovation at its simplest form is the introduction of something new. Without it we would still be doing the same things since the beginning of time.

So if you know this is the only way to the future and evolution, then you must embrace it. Too often innovation and change is pushed away because of fear or disbelief (went over this in the blog prior to this one).

I can promise you every great invention in the beginning was met with someone telling the inventor that it’s impossible. I bet at times even the inventor thought it was impossible. But due to that person’s overall belief they changed the world.

This is parallel with your passion. Finding your passion can seem impossible and people will steer you away from it. Even I at a time believed I would never find my true passion, but when I did believe it soon came. Once I indulge in that passion, I found the most happiness.

The tricky thing about passion is that it can be very abstract. Finding your passion is almost like finding a new color. Due to this, you have to be innovative in finding your passion.

You have to think independently and different!

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