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Start Now

Don’t Wait

I encourage all of you to start now! This could be trying something out or finally indulging in a passion. I say this because I believe success is in the start of something you love.

When you begin walking in a passion…your future is infinite. This means that the beginning is the first and only essential step. So don’t wait to start to step in your infinity.

I can also give you all three more reasons to start now:

  1. You will struggle in life regardless, why not struggle and grow within something you love?
  2. The sooner you start…the sooner you find or live in your passion
  3. You won’t regret missing out on the possibilities

And guess what? If you try something and find out it’s not your passion…AT LEAST YOU KNOW NOW!

You can now move on to the next one and get closer to your infinity.

Trust and Bet on Yourself

When you do try something, I need to take it seriously. If you don’t do that then you won’t truly know the potential of it.

Now I can’t tell you if your being serious, only you will know. For me it was deciding to stop wasting my money and prioritizing it into my passions. There are always going to be excuses you can make for things but priorities should trump them.

Your passion shall be a priority!

You will also realize that if you don’t take it seriously…how can others take your passion seriously?

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

Even if you don’t start now and bet on yourself, there is one thing you can definitely do. I need you to surround yourself with like-minded people.

As passionate people we need to be surrounded by people that are like-minded. If not, it will strip away our confidence and belief.

If you do surround yourself with the right people then you will see your self multiplied with that same confidence and belief. You will also gain creativity and opportunities due to this natural relationship.

I say natural because passion attracts passion. So if you haven’t started already… I promise your surrounding of passionate people will eventually motivate you to do so.

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