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Never Compare

Why Successful is BS

A common misconception in the English language is the meaning of “successful” and “success”. We will constantly say someone is a success or successful without truly knowing.

I believe success is achieving a desired goal. So if that’s the case can we truly tell anyone they are successful without knowing if they wanted their achievement? The example I always use for this is the MVP ceremony for many sports. Many times at this ceremony, a player will say that their real goal is to win a championship but yet people will tag them as successful.

My message with this is that everyone has a different definition of success. No matter how great someone might seem in their situation, they might not be successful.

So, when you are looking at others don’t compare yourself because you probably define success differently.

Don’t Copy Other’s Plans

Even if you might have the same definition of success as someone…there are different ways of getting there. I would even go as far as saying that there are infinite ways to one goal.

I am also a big person on taking every bit of advice with a grain of salt. Often times, we may have a mentor or someone we really look up to and think we have to do whatever they say. This is just not true!

Just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean it should be apart of your plan to the same goal. Everyone has different styles in everything no matter the industry.

Don’t Compare Timing

If you have the same definition of success and plan as someone I will probably doubt it. Even if so, there is no way you will have the same timing as that person.

I want all of you to know that there is no such thing as being early or late…everything is on time. While there might be times when others might seem ahead, you might just be going through experiences so you can have a greater breakthrough.

So never compare your definition of success, plan, or timing because your journey is unique to you and is meant for you.

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