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Nate Pierre-Louis (NBA Prospect)

Day in the Life of a NBA Prospect

Nate Pierre-Louis is a Former Temple Basketball Player and NBA Prospect. Here at the Root of Everything, we had the pleasure of going through his daily process and interview him.

To be clear, these blog posts will be a chance for yall to get an even more detailed description of the experience. Unfortunately, we can’t fit every clip in the video, or else we wouldn’t call it a podcast…it would just be a movie lol.

Anyways back to Nate. Well actually let’s start with the “beginning of the day”.

We woke up at 2:30 in the morning to make sure all the equipment was packed up and ready to go. We end up getting to his apartment around 4 am to get started with Nate’s process. Honestly, I was baffled when he told us that 4 am was his usual wake-up time but never the less we were committed to showing yall the true process. (this wouldn’t be my first moment of being surprised)

The first step to Nate’s process was some weight training. I wasn’t too nervous about this because I had honestly been getting back in shape the prior month. But I should have been.

Nate proceeds to come back from his room with 45-pound dumbells and says “this is all we have”. To be clear, I consistently use 25-30 pound weights when I work out. But AGAIN, we were committed to this.

I then proceed to strain my entire body and like my dad says “mind over matter”. I promise you guys that the weight was out of my class but somehow someway I found a way to pump them for half the amount of his usual reps. Nate also does it effortlessly but that’s expected.

We also worked in some none weight training that I was able to keep up with. That included some ab and leg workouts. I could really tell why he is such an athletic monster after going through just a 45-minute workout.

The next step in his process was morning meditation. It was guided by a video on youtube that tells a long story. He gets really into it but I never really took it in fully. I personally think he slept for half of it lol. After the mediation, we also took time to read the bible and pray.

This part really emphasized how spiritual and dedicated Nate is to his religion. It really is his backbone. Kind of crazy to see the true root of somebody.

The next activity was watching game film. This was personally my favorite part of the whole day. He took out his notebook and really dug deep into specific players in the NBA. It was great to hear his perspective and takeaways from current and past players. You can tell he truly takes the entire game of basketball seriously.

Through the perspective and takeaways, it also leads to some casual and semi-serious basketball arguments lol. While Nate may be the basketball player in the room, I still have the basketball IQ for my own opinions. But you know I had to let him have it, we were the guest in his crib.

After this though, IT WAS NAP TIME. THANK GOODNESS. I was starting to wonder how he functions getting up that early but he actually naps a lot during his breaks.

We then woke up and went straight to the gym. He had the whole court to himself and his trainer. You could really see the humbleness and thankfulness he had with just being able to practice. It is so beautiful to see someone really value and enjoy every part of the process. I think that is something we can all learn from.

I have to say by the end of this, I was exhausted. I had to find some type of energy for the first interview of the season. We ended up going to Nate’s favorite bagel shop in town. So that was enough for us.

Nate Pierre-Louis Interview

Not going to go too in-depth with the interview because you all can listen to the whole thing. I’m just going to list my takeaways here.

Takeaways from Nate:

  • Success is all in the consistency and little wins. You can’t get caught up in the results all the time or else you won’t sustatin it
  • Understand that you can’t control anything but your work ethic. So give it your all on what you can contorl because the results are inevitable, you just can’t control the timing.
  • It is important to do things for more than just you. Nate could be playing overseas right now if he just wanted money, but instead he has a bigger purpose to fulfill.
  • The grind isn’t easy but when you love what you do, you will want the grind.
  • Your own potential should inspire you
  • Be patient and consistent no matter the circumstances
  • Learn from others but never copy. Create your own greatness.
  • No one can tell you how you see your future.
  • You can’t purely do anything but be yourself
  • Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you, will propel you
  • You evolve and grow when you take pride on getting better every single day
  • Everyday is an opportunity to get better
  • Trust your process and don’t overthink it in the spotlight

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