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Nahsir Griffin (Creative Content Creator)

Day in the Life of a Viral Tiktoker and Creative Content Creator

The day we went to do this episode it was my birthday. Some would say that I should enjoy it but this what I enjoy. So now let me explain how my birthday went with a Viral Tiktoker/Creative Content Creator named Nahsir Griffin.

In this episode, we were able to get so much more dialogue between me and the guest. We were able to start off the day by learning the full outline of his process. It is so simple yet hard to do when you truly try it.

The first step in Nahz’s process is brainstorming. He normally (IDK how) has about 100 or more ideas pilled up in his notes. He says that he usually lets music or trends inspire his ideas.

When then proceed to set up the equipment for his video. It was amazing to see him working with what he had. He didn’t have fancy equipment or anything but when you watch it you would think he did.

He explained how he had gotten the current phone he uses for videos from his close friend but even that phone isn’t the best. He continuously has to charge the phone because it has quick battery life. Not to mention he sets up the camera with an ironing board.

Now, this is not me trying to bash him and his techniques, this is me showing y’all that passion waits for nothing! And it doesn’t stop Nahz one bit.

After the setup, the fun time begins! He starts to get into character.

Nahz really changes into the craziest costumes and goes all in. We are able to see him be every character at the cookout (the cookout was his video idea). You have to admire his willingness to just indulge himself in each character.

I also think what makes his videos special is that he doesn’t mind being animated and true to himself. A lot of people may minimize a bit of their personality but he puts it to full effect.

After Nahz finishes making his video, I then prepared to create my own. In doing this I find out how truly challenging it is to come up with video ideas. It took me a LONG time but I eventually got an idea with the help of Nahz.

I had about 4 different characters and I tried my best to be as animated as Nahz but I’m sure I failed. The video actually turned out to be pretty cool but nowhere on his level. Check both of the videos out in the youtube video above.

Nahsir Griffin Interview

Takeaways from Nahz:

  • Living in your passion can change people’s lives and make them happy
  • Seeing people on the screen doing what he wants to do inspired him
  • Its essential to break away from trying to fit in with the crowd to grow
  • Don’t be afraid to be who you are because you have something to offer
  • It’s not about how other people look at you its about how you want the world to look at you
  • There will always be haters no mattter how many supporters you have
  • Put your own spin on ideas and trends
  • Be yourself so people know what you particularly bring to the table
  • There is a different between inspiration and copying
  • There are bad moments in the process of your passion but it is part of your growth
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