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Jess for the Culture (Clothing Designer)

In this episode of the Root of Everything Podcast, our guest is ms Jess Boakye. She is a clothing designer and brand owner. She started her own clothing brand when she was in high school and hasn’t looked back. The brand is called “Jess For The Culture” and focuses on black pride. You absolutely have to check out the interview to hear the whole story of how it came to be. Can you say inspirational 5x??

First off, I would like to say the daily process of a clothing designer takes SOO much detail. I would get frustrated every two minutes if this was my job.

The first thing that she showed me was how she prepped the designs. It was pretty amazing to see how she did it. She would first brainstorm then create the designs on google slides (googles form of PowerPoint). Pretty crazy to think that these dope hoodies and t-shirts started off with a bunch of shapes on a google slides presentation. Goes to show you can always make it work with whatever you have.

When then proceed to try to make my own personalized shirts to display her process. We had to pick out shapes and letters from this application she uses. Don’t get me to lie on what the name is or what it exactly does. I just know it lets you choose what you want on the computer and then it cuts it out.

After getting those out when they had to press out the shapes onto the shirts. It is pretty difficult to put them there perfectly, not to mention having to do this for multiple shirts. I only had to do one lol.

I ended up having a pretty cool ending product, nowhere as good as Jess For the Culture’s shirts but I’ll take it. Check out the video to exactly how it went down!

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