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Infinity Decimal

If you continuously cut something in half, you will never get to zero. That’s the concept of the infinity decimal.

I use this concept as a practice to get to the Root of Everything, passion. I believe there are only two things that can explain the infinity decimal. Those two things are a godly being and passion.

For example, if you are trying to figure out the origin of a chicken you eventually get to an egg. But then again where is the egg from? It’s a never-ending question (Infinity Decimal). The only way to describe this endless question is a godly being or whoever made the world.

Just like a godly being…humans have that same power at the root of themselves. We all have this infinite potential that can’t be explained simply. It is called passion.

If you can practice getting as close to zero as possible with everything then you will make it easier to find your zero, passion.

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