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Balance of Arrogance/Humbleness

When you start to realize your true potential… you came come off wrong to certain people. The number one thing that people can take from you is arrogance.

Most of this is because most people don’t know their own potential so they perceive your confidence as arrogance. This fact isn’t an excuse to be arrogant though! As we have talked about before, you must continue to evaluate yourself every day.

It is essential that you balance the essence of arrogance and humbleness.

You must trick yourself into confidence so you can always believe in your goals. As I have said before, you must believe first for something to become possible.

You also have to remain conscious of the situation you are in. Understand that you should be very thankful of the opportunity that you have. Whatever that is, someone else doesn’t have that same opportunity. I could go on and on about things not to take for granted but just make sure you stay grounded. It is key to your consistency.

If you start to let go of your humbleness then you will soon lose the pureness in your passion (the pureness is what makes your potential infinite). You can also lose motivation and consistency if you don’t continue to believe in yourself regardless if others think you are arrogant.

Balance of Full Control/Life Unpredictable

I know I know…I tell y’all all the time that if you believe then it’s possible. That doesn’t mean that you will be able to control every step you take with belief.

You have to balance the mentality that you have full control of your life and life is unpredictable. The key is to continue to live in passion because life will take you where you need to be.

I believed for a long time that I would play college baseball. There was no plan B but again life is unpredictable. In my senior year for some reason my perspective changed. I realized that there are other possibilities to invest my future in. Long story short, the decision to go to college as regular student was the greatest decision ever. I am sitting here passionately writing and talking about stuff that makes me smile constantly. I had no idea I would get here but the decision to live in passion will always get you where you need to be eventually.

Believe me, I am not saying to give up on your dreams. I’m just saying to always be open to new passions and life will put you on the correct path regardless if it doesn’t seem like it at first.





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