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Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable

Get Comfortable Taking Chances

To get everything…you must risk everything.

To reach your potential and other goals you are going to have to take risks in your life. Taking chances can be uncomfortable but it is something you have to embrace because if you don’t then you will end up in an uncomfortable life.

The best chance you can take is on yourself and your passion. The only risk in chasing your passion is failure but it would still be a failure if you don’t try. So is it really a risk? Plus the reward is the best reward ever. Finding and living in your passion will unlock unlimited growth and happiness in your life.

If you can get comfortable taking chances then you will reap the reward of your risks. You will also be rewarded with one thing regardless… no regret.

Get Comfortable Not Knowing

There are three things you have to get comfortable with not knowing: Future Results, Amount of Support and Information.

How many times have you heard someone say “never in a million years did I ever think I would get this far”? The reason they have exceeded all of their expectations is because they were focused on something more important then the result. They focused on their process and loving what they do.

When you are focused on doing something and loving it regardless of the result then your result will be higher than you ever thought of.

You also have to get comfortable with not knowing who will support you. The majority of the world will wait to help/support someone until they show promise or results. You need to really value the people who do support you from the jump because they are the ones who truly believe in you. If you truly love what you’re doing though… the initial support isn’t needed. So don’t sweat the lack of belief because you only need it from yourself!

The last thing you need to embrace is the fact you will never know everything. There will forever be room to learn more and more information.

Someone once said “Knowledge is power”…my response to that statement is “What do you think learning is?”

There is no Growth without Struggle

The struggle is what transforms you! When you hit any type of struggle and go through it, you are proving your seriousness and achieving the greatest reward; growth.

So when you face any type of adversity and struggle…EMBRACE IT! Don’t look at it as something that is hard, look at it as a method to growth. When you can get comfortable knowing you are meant to go through these struggles then you will be able to grow every day closer to your infinite potential.

The only thing I want y’all to truly be uncomfortable with is regret, wasting your potential and not being happy.

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