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Chairackz (Rapper)

In this episode of the Root of Everything Podcast, our guest is upcoming rapper/artist, Chairackz. I was honestly really excited for this episode because I knew I was going to have to really step out of my comfort zone. I was always the kid who couldn’t rap whenever we had little freestyle sessions. But I had already decided I was going to at least try.

The first step of Chairackz’s process was “getting into it”. He would play any music he was feeling at the moment and just get into the mood of music. It seemed to loosen him up. I tried to do this as well, but it was quite loosening me up as much as him. If you see the video, you know exactly what I mean.

He proceeds to start freestyling to a beat to try to find a natural chorus for his song before he went to the studio. The reason he said he did this was because he wanted all of his music to come from the moment. Goes to show he wants his music and art to feel right and pure to what he is actually feeling. I also tried to contribute to the freestyle, but my words fumbled miserably regardless of his encouragement.

Once he felt like he was into it, we proceed to head over to the studio. We got to meet his producer and truly see his artistic home. You could tell it was really a place he felt like he could be authentic. Him and his producer constantly worked with each other with so much chemistry like they both had the same vision. It was pretty awesome to see.

I was honestly in awe, but he said that the song he made was the “worst song he ever made” lol. So, he had be feature on it knowing it would never actually be finished.

I have to say, being in the booth is one experience everyone has to try. You almost feel like you are in your own world. It took me a while to get comfortable because I just wasn’t confident. But once I let go of everything and just started to speak from within, I never felt more liberated. It’s hard to explain but I could just feel myself rapping from my heart. You can really tell in the video if you watch. There’s a big difference between the first freestyle and the last one. Honestly l listens to recording all the time now because I can just feel my true self in the song.

But that basically concludes the end of this day in the life blog. Don’t really know how to end this but thanks to those who read all the way this far. Check out Chairackz’s music, link below!

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